Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the prerequisites for the IDC-PADI instructor course?

→ See Prerequisites and documents

2) How long is the course and is there planned free time? 

→ IDC course lasts, including EFRI course with us, 12 days.  Instructor’s exam takes additional 2 full days. Although we plan one day off during the course, in practice it is a day for the individual needs of a student, rather than a fully free day. Classes are held all day and include regular breaks. In the evenings you will need to prepare for the next day of the course. Therefore, do not plan any further activities during the IDC course.

3) What documents do I need to bring with me?

→ See: Prerequisites and documents

4) What basic and additional diving equipment do I need for the IDC course?

→  See: Equipment

5) What is the total cost of the training?

→  The total cost of the course includes:

  • The cost of training materials
  • PADI fees (see prices/ fees PADI)
  • The cost of a selected set of courses (see prices)
  • The cost of flight and accommodation, if required

6) How do I arrange travel and accommodation for the course?

→  After choosing a course, please send me an email to or call me +48 601988879, +49 172 5100319 and I will help you find the best option for you.

7) What is the passing rate on the IE – Instructor Exams? What, if I fail?

→  In the last 15 years all candidates trained by us successfully passed the exam and now work as PADI instructors. Only a few of them needed a second approach to a single part of the exam. In the unlikely event that you don’t pass the exam, you are welcome to repeat the course free of charge.

8) When can I start working as an instructor?

→  When you pass the exam, your documents are sent to the appropriate PADI office for verification – this takes approximately 10 — 14 days. PADI then informs you by email about your instructor status and grants you the right to teach.

9) Can I proceed right away to the instructor specialties?

→  Yes. Immediately after completion of the IDC course, you can proceed to the instructor specialty courses or to the entire package of MSDTprep.

10) Which instructor specialties can I do?

→  Here is a list of possible instructor specialties

If you have any additional requests, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.