PADI and PADI Tec Instructor Courses

The Professional diving route is completely different than the underwater recreational fun. The knowledge that one needs is vast, hence choosing the right teacher is crucial. Since you are looking at this page you may well be on your way to change from a diver to a responsible instructor. Why do we want to help you?

We want the underwater adventure of new divers to start under the care of the best people, and we train the best. We would like for new divers to learn from responsible teachers and it is responsibility that we stress during training. We would like to make sure that dive courses are conducted in an attractive manner, hence we teach instructors using a wide variety of latest materials and methods. We train meticulously – because in truth, we do it to a great extent for our own benefit. Most of the instructors we train cooperates with us in the future one way or the other. We all recall our teachers, but the nice memories are reserved for those who were able to teach in a good atmosphere. We understand how this influences the quality of the teaching process, we speak proper English (which is not necessarily common), but we also try to ensure that your memories of the course will be nothing but good.

Find out abort particular instructor training courses, prerequisites of participation and PADI and PADI Tec requirements.