Become a dive instructor with Joanna Kannenberg

When you meet with dive instructors, you must be convinced that the hours they spent underwater must add up to at least a year. This may not necessarily be so.

What would you say if we gave you the opportunity for a completely new career which would enable you to work anywhere around the world?

What we tell you – a non diver, that you can start work within 6 months of the first dive on the Open Water Diver Training Course ?

Sounds impossible – we know, but that is simply the effect of the PADI friendly instructor training program. These astounding results are possible thanks to the years and years of PADI’s experience. The continuous improvement of the training methodology allowed the time necessary to achieve professional results to be as short as an incredible 6 months!

All you have to do is choose your future work location. There is one catch though – it has to be somewhere near water. Everything else is up Up to us.

If you have never dived before and would like to start a new and incredible career of diving instructor get in touch with us – either in person, email or by telephone. We can consult your course timing and program. Of course in such manner, so that it does not collide with your other obligations. We can also assist you in selecting the ideal form of financing you dive education. Simply put – you can count on us.

Why learn with us? Easy!

  • We have the high qualified Course Director
  • We have the best equipment
  • We concentrate our efforts on forwarding your career, not just the exams
  • We have university level teaching credentials (University of Physical Education)
  • We help you find an interesting job

Are you qualified to dive? Great!

We will prepare for you an individual IDC plan! Do you meet the criteria for the IDC course?

Don’t wait!  It’s worth it!

Do you meet the criteria for the IDC course? Don’t wait! It’s not worth it! We train the best instructors in the World!

What can we offer you?

  • The scope of the course is the same everywhere, however, we will ensure the highest quality – which you need to consider particularly as PADI may not provide a complete set of materials in your first language and you must rely on the Course Director’s tutoring. Which we guarantee is one of the best.
  • We have professional equipment at your disposal during all theoretical sessions. We provide you with full access to all necessary and relevant PADI materials, both original and translations (movies, CDs, slides, RDP tables, etc).
  • We are at your disposal all year round should you have any questions or doubts during the course of your diving education and later career. Write to us or call us and we will dispel any doubts or facilitate contacting PADI.
  • We will prepare you for future work in a professional manner, we do not concentrate only on you passing your Insructor’s Exam. Our IDC trainers have university degrees in teaching from the University of Physical Education, which is a guarantor of a high quality learning experience.
  • We assure small work groups and in consequence an individual approach to the candidates. We assure sufficient time and attention to each candidate.
  • We have contacts in many dive centers around the globe, and we are more than happy to help you find an interesting job.

Where can I do my IDC:

Egypt, Dahab     Poland, Siewierz, Szczecin     Spain, Gran Canaria

Russia, Kaliningrad