Courses in Kaliningrad, Russia

About Kalingrad

The city is located at the mouth of the navigable Pregolya Riverwhich empties into the Vistula Lagoon, an inlet of the Baltic Sea. With a population of 420 thousand, this thriving city is a major transportation hub both rail, road and sea and river port. Kaliningrad is also a large center of mechanical engineering; the development of metallurgy, light industry, printing industry, the fishing industry.

A few examples of the many Kaliningrad museums are the Immanuel Kant museum on the Kneiphof island, the Museum of History and Arts, which still has parts of the so-called Prussia collection of local archaeological findings, and the Kaliningrad Amber Museum, which is situated in the Dohna tower near the Rossgarten Gate. The city also has an art gallery with eight exhibition rooms.

The Museum of the World`s Oceans is located on the former research vessel Wityaz on the shore of the Pregel river. The museum displays the newest technologies on sea research and also shows the diversity of the flora and fauna of the world`s oceans. An anchored Foxtrot-class submarine next to the museum, the B-413, hosts an exhibit about the Russian submarine fleet.

Also worth seeing are the former Stock Exchange, the surviving churches, and the remaining city gates. In anti-clockwise order these gates are: the Sackheim Gate (German: Sackheimer Tor), King`s Gate (German: Königstor), Rossgarten Gate (German: Rossgärter Tor), Attack Gate (German: Ausfallstor), Railway Gate (German: Eisenbahntor), Brandenburg Gate (German: Brandenburger Tor), and Friedland Gate (German: Friedländer Tor). Apart from the already mentioned Dohna tower, which houses the Amber museum, the Wranger tower also remains as a reminder of the former Königsberg city walls. Only the gate of the former Friedrichsburg Castle remains.

The pre-war city centre (Altstadt and Kneiphof) currently consists of parks, broad avenues, a square on the site of the former Königsberg Castle, and only two buildings: the House of the Soviets («Dom Sovyetov»), roughly on the site of the former Castle, and the restored Königsberg Cathedral on the Kneiphof island (now «Kant island»). Immanuel Kant`s grave is situated next to the Cathedral. The new city centre is concentrated around Victory Square. The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, consecrated in 2005, is located on that square.

Air temperatures in August: 22-18°C (day / night)

The course will be held in a dive center located off the Yantarnoe lake.

Yantarnoe is famous for the fact they are arguing over 90% of the world`s proven reserves of amber. Amber was collected along the shores of the Sambian coast during the age of the Teutonic KnightsIn the 16th century amber collected along the coastline was brought to Palmnicken where it was sorted and then sent to Königsberg for further processing. After 1811 the amber production was leased and in 1827 the firm Stantien & Becker established the only open pit amber mine in the world – this mine was eventually flooded to create a unique dive site.


Classes will be held in a classroom at the Yantarnij Dive Centre. The room sits 12-14 people comfortably, has air conditioning and will be at your sole disposal trough out the course, so that you do not have to carry your textbooks and materials to the classroom everyday. It is a comfortable place to hold classes, make briefings and debriefings.

Confined water

During the IDC both the confined water exercises will be completed in an indoor pool, located on the territory of sport complex «Youth» in Kaliningrad. The water temperature in the pool 26-27 ° C, or alternatively at a specially prepared training site in lake Yantarnoe. The dive training site is a 3x3m area of a depth of 2,5 m – haze free location, very good for buoyancy training.

Open water

During the IDC both the open water exercises will be completed at lake «Yantarnoe». Visibility in the summer is usually at least 4-5 meters above the thermocline, and 8-10m below. The thermocline is at approx. 10 meters throughout. Previously the quarry banks were overgrown with trees and shrubs, which are all now submerged, creating a fantastic underwater forest.

Water temperatures

The water temperatures in August are around 18-20 ° C at the surface and 12 ° C below the thermocline.

Instructor Exam

Examinations usually take 2 days and take place in Kaliningrad. For more information you check out our website in the section Instructor Exams (IE)

Hotel «Becker»

Hotel «Becker» is located in the historic city center. It`s neiboured on one side by the Temple of Icon of Kazan Mother of God, on the other — a park with a 120-year history named after Maurice Becker, founder of the hotel. The hotel offers a wonderful view over the Baltic Sea

Hotel Anna

Hotel Anna is located 150 meters from the sea in the town of Amber. In this picturesque corner of Russia is a museum complex "The Amber Castle, which includes the Museum of Russian superstition.

Hotel «The Akvatoria»

Hotel «The Akvatoria» is located close to the unique lake, Amber (Cinyavino), on the shores of the Baltic Sea (5 minutes walk) and at 27 meters above sea level boasts splendid sea views. Hotel Aquatoria has all that is necessary for a comfortable rest.