Tec Gas Blender Instructor

Gas Blender Instructors — Enriched Air may offer the PADI Tec Gas Blender program to dive operation staff, dive professionals and other interested technical and enriched air divers who want to learn blending techniques for enriched air.

PADI Tec Gas Blender Instructors — Trimix offer the entire program including the trimix workshop that qualifies participants to also blend trimix.


1. PADI Instructor.

2. PADI Enriched Air Diver Specialty Instructor.

3. PADI Gas Blender (Enriched Air Nitrox or Trimix*) or have a qualifying enriched air or trimix blender certification from another training organization.

4. Met one of the following:

a. Completed the PADI Gas Blender Instructor course.

b. Show experience by having held a PADI Gas Blender (or qualifying) certification for at least six months and:

• Have blended 50 or more enriched air fills (or trimix fills, if applying for PADI Gas Blender Instructor - Trimix) with the resulting blend analyzed within one percent of the desired content.

• Have obtained and read the PADI Gas Blender Manual and PADI Gas Blender Instructor Guide.

*To qualify for Gas Blender Instructor – Trimix, trimix blender certification is required.